Thursday, March 1, 2018

Simplify Your Skincare - (Yes. It's This Easy)

Let's keep this really simple... It’s time to streamline your bathroom cabinets and nightstands to de-stress and fully enjoy your morning and nighttime skincare routine. Many patients share that they look forward to those few minutes of applying lotions and potions because it often times is the only moment during their otherwise busy day that they can focus on themselves. Your skincare routine is an opportunity to take a deep breath and feel content with the knowledge and comfort that you are doing something that’s both productive and feels good. Some patients express that they are overwhelmed and don’t know what to do, how to do it, why they are doing it, etc. This confusion discourages them from being consistent, which is key for beautiful skin. This article is for those patients! Let’s be honest, though, even the best of us could use a little guidance when it comes to keeping things simple. I am happy to help you get organized to refresh your routine and bring it back to life!

Step 1: Clean The Junk Drawer

Whatever it is, if it’s over two years old and if you haven’t used it in the last few months - chalk it up as a loss and toss it. If it’s something you really love, replace it and get back in the habit of using it regularly. Otherwise, make a mental note that from now on, you are investing in quality over quantity and not wasting time or energy by allowing unnecessary evils like a collection of pore-clogging/funky-smelling/possibly-expired free samples invade your drawers. No more clutter in your mind or space. If you’re still not sure what to do, ask yourself these questions: do I love it, do I use it, do I have more than one and can I get another that’s more efficient?

Step 2: Edit The Basics

Once upon a time, there were a few fix-it-all products: cold creme and astringent. It actually makes me so sad that two favorites from my childhood have lost their place in our daily lives. But, there’s a reason for this. When makeup was extremely heavy on the skin, women used cold creams to remove stubborn residue. Cold creams create a lipid layer on the skin that clogs pores while astringents contain alcohol to break up this lipid layer. You can use either of these on occasion, but neither is best for skin for long term maintenance and neither can address your skin's real needs: truly cleaning the skin based on your specific chemistry without ingredients that actually devitalize and eventually cause premature aging over time. No, thank you! 

Here are the important, but quickly dismissed basics: 

Cleanser. Toner. That's all you really need to know. People dismiss them, but they matter because they set the stage for everything that follows. 

The necessities:

This is where you ask yourself: what is each product’s duty? Does it work? Regardless of your skin type, each person MUST HAVE proper exfoliation and hydration. We’ve talked about this before, but here’s a recap. 

Each skincare routine should have:

  • 1 Cleanser 
  • 1 Toner 
  • 1 Eye Cream (starting in your early 20s) 
  • 1 Active (starting in your mid-20s)
  • 1 Moisturizer

And, I have to add just one more - A NECK CREME! This is what I consider to be a new staple that is an absolute necessity. All too often, the neck is neglected; yet, it is the first area to show signs of aging and is the most difficult area to treat once the damage is done. A neck creme like Necktar will address all of the leading causes of aging in this specific area. (Since of all the "must-haves," this may be foreign to consider, please read more about Nectar HERE.)

Without these, you’re losing major points in the age prevention and skin maintenance department. Some skin that is compromised, like acne and blemish-prone or orange-peel texture or aging, may require a few other specialty products to help correct whatever is compromising the quality of their skin; but, this is mostly it! And, if you’re super low-maintenance, I’ll let you skip the toner - even though all of these things work together for your best result.

If you have any questions for your skincare routine, give us a call at (888) 570-6777 or e-mail Elizabeth A. Cardarelli at